Update on Brexit: Cosmetics

On the 18th of July, the European Commission published a Notice to stakeholders regarding the withdrawal of the United Kingdom and the impact on the EU rules in the field of cosmetic products.


Consequences for cosmetic products

As of the withdrawal date, which is set so far for the 1st of November 2019, the UK will be considered as a ‘third country’. As such, the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC) will no longer apply to the UK. The Commission has outlined the following consequences for cosmetic products placed on the EU market as of the withdrawal date:

1.      Responsible Personscan no longer be established in the UK – the cosmetic manufacturer shall make sure to designate a Responsible Person established in the EU.

2.      The new Responsible Person should notify the cosmetic products to the CPNP portal prior to their placing on the EU market. A UK-based Responsible Person can transfer the existing notification to an EU based Responsible Person.

3.      TheProduct Information Filehas to be accessible at the address of the new Responsible Person and has to comply with the respective language requirements.

4.      The cosmetic products manufactured in the UK and placed on the EU market will be considered as imported from a third country and the country of origin will have to be specified on the labeling.

5.      Safety Assessorsholding qualifications from the UK, which have not been recognized as equivalent by an EU Member State, will no longer be entitled to issue Safety Assessments valid for the EU. Safety Assessments issued before the withdrawal date will remain valid.


Obelis at your service

As a professional Responsible Person Center, Obelis specializes in the European Regulatory framework and will continue monitoring the latest developments to provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Furthermore, Obelis has, officially established Obelis UK Ltd., the purpose of which is to serve as a UK Responsible Person for our clients, who will need a representative in the United Kingdom. If you wish to know more about our future projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you wish to know more about our future projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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