About us

Your trusted partner for expansion into the UK market!

Composed by a team of dozens of regulatory professionals with several years of experience in the field, Obelis UK Ltd.’s headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom, from where it pursues its mission of “creating compliance for safer markets”.

Our unique vision is what allowed us to help in shaping the compliance industry and providing the most effective processes to help our clients achieve what’s necessary to sell and maintain their products on the UK market.

We are proud to say that, by keeping our eyes firmly on the goal, we help our clients navigate the maze of regulations that scatter around the Great Britain and Northern Ireland regulatory frameworks. And by being partners of Obelis EU, we can also boast our smooth collaboration with European Authorized Representatives and European Responsible Persons, to smoothly transition products from the EU to the UK market, and vice-versa.

Your consultant on UK regulations

Our main service areas – medical devices, IVDs and cosmetics – generally require specialist consultation, due to the complexities of the regulations.

In our team, lawyers, chemists, pharmacists and other experts collaborate to provide a combination of UK Responsible Person services, UKCA marking and compliance consultation. However, we also offer a more general consultation on UK regulations for the other finished products intended for introduction into Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Our compliance frameworks and processes are similarly focused on getting aspiring non-UK exporters ready to expand into the Great Britain and Northern Ireland markets.

Some examples of other sectors we provide consultancy services for include:

  • Machinery
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Food Supplements
  • Radio and telecommunication equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Toys
  • And more!

Helping shape safer UK markets

We are members of the UKRP Association, aiming to promote professional conduct and competence of UK Responsible Persons.

Company values

  • Building productive long-term relationships with clients and each other;
  • Attracting and developing our employees to start and grow their careers;
  • Challenging our teams;
  • Demonstrating a ‘can-do’ attitude;
  • Fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

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