UK’s new dedicated Yellow Card reporting site

The UK is determined to display full information for users of medical devices, and it is undoubtedly trying to grant them the most effective security as well. To this end, a new reporting site has recently been set up; the Yellow Card reporting site.


While being engaged in full-steam negotiations with the EU for the near and upcoming post-Brexit future, the UK tries to make its inhabitants feel safe in all that is related to medicines and medical devices. It is not difficult to imagine that the COVID-19 outbreak had surely something to do with it.

The first and foremost example of the above has been given by the establishment of the Yellow Card reporting site, which will enable the MHRA to rapidly identify medical device incidents in COVID-19 treatment and afterwards[1].

The scheme set forth by the reporting site is to play a pivotal role in aiding the MHRA monitor healthcare devices in the UK, in order to ensure high safety standards for patients and users. Therefore, healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers are encouraged to easily report the following:

  • Suspected side effects associated with any medicine taken to combat COVID-19, and;
  • Any sort of incident in which medical devices used in relation to COVID-19 were involved these stemming from either equipment, IVDs or even software/apps.

Carlos Francisco Marín Barrios

Regulatory Affairs Department


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[1] Ris.World (22/05/2020). UK – Coronavirus (COVID-19): new dedicated Yellow Card reporting site for medicines and medical devices. Retrieved on 22/06/2020 from

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