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Product notification in the UK

CPNP is not sufficient!

Following the appointment of a UK RP, those products that are already notified on EU CPNP portal and are circulating on the UK market will have to be notified to the new UK Cosmetic notification database, which can be seen as the CPNP’s counterpart for the UK market. Naturally, all new products to-be-placed on the UK market will also have to be notified to the new UK database.

By contrast to the immediate requirement for appointing a UK-based RP, the UK Draft Cosmetic Regulation foresees a grace period of 90 days for UK Notifications, starting from 1 January, 2021.

The new UK database and the EU’s CPNP will feature a download/reupload mechanism whereby information and documents can be swiftly transposed from the latter to the former. All UK RPs have a deadline on 31 December, 2020 to have downloaded, from the EU CPNP, everything that they intend to reupload to the new UK Cosmetic notification database.

By being both a UK and an EU RP, however, Obelis will maintain access to the CPNP after this deadline and can assist you with the transposition of your products’ Notifications and accompanying documentation after 31 December, 2020. This is one of the added benefits of appointing Obelis UK as your UK-based professional RP, as we are in the unique position to represent your products in both markets as your one-stop-shop RP and regulatory consultant.

The new UK Cosmetic notification database will require the following information:

  • Product’s name and category
  • Product’s formulation
  • The UK-based RP’s name and address (where the PIF will have to be made available) + name and contact details of a natural person representing the RP.

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