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Product formulation for the UK market

The EU Regulation on Cosmetics, and its Annexes, are constantly updated with regards to substances that are formally declared in the banned or restricted category. Moreover, substances are constantly assessed by scientific committees of the EU, which issue opinions that guide best practices and can be eventually formalised in the form of an above-mentioned ban or restriction. All such changes occurred in the EU, with regards to substances and their regulatory status, until 31 December, 2020 have automatically been implemented into the UK Regulation, too.

As of 1 January, 2021, however, the UK can restrict and ban substances on its own accord, and as it sees fit. At this stage, the only substances for which a uniformed approach has been maintained between the EU and UK are CMRs.

Obelis, with branches in both the UK and EU can advise you on the formulation of your product in either market. As your professional RP, we will keep you informed on developments regarding ingredients that may affect the compliance of your products.

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