About us

Your Consultant on UK Regulation

Our Approach

Obelis UK, as part of Obelis Group, is a quality driven, service oriented company based in Yorkshire with over 30 years of experience in regulatory affairs

We believe that manufacturers are better through compliance. This is why, our mission is to create compliance for safer markets.

That is why we aspire to be the consultant of choice, aiming to provide the most efficient compliance processes for non-EU and EU manufacturers, assisting them with Responsible Person and Product Registration services for the UK market.

Our Story

Back in 1988, our CEO Mr. Gideon Elkayam founded Obelis: a small, family-run business with a grand vision to “create compliance for safer markets”.

Located within walking distance of the EEC Headquarters in Brussels, we worked closely with the EU institutions from the early days.

Over the years, the original vision has helped us build a unique standing in the regulatory community; and it’s helped us achieve a high rate of success in representing over 3000 exporters from more than 60 countries around the world.

We can, hand on heart, say that we’ve helped to shape the compliance industry here.

Because of this, we can provide the most effective processes for helping our clients achieve what’s necessary to sell and maintain their products on the UK market.

We’ve kept our eyes firmly on the original goal. And helping our clients navigate the maze of regulations that create safer markets has won us so many friends around the world.

How can we use our expertise to help you?

Need further assistance? Have questions regarding the compliance process of your products? We are here to help.